Artsy Seoul: from passion to paycheck




What Inspired Artsy Seoul

Artsy Seoul was inspired by the love of korean culture, but more specifically the fantastical fandoms born from K-pop. "I used to binge watch a lot of K-dramas, simply because I enjoyed the korean enunciation. After absorbing so much of their culture I got into K-fashion and K-pop. Not too long ago, I went to the BTS eight year anniversary event. When I was there, I saw all these vendors and was fangirling over all their amazing stock and I thought I can do this too. That's when I decided, right there and then, I had to do it! As soon as I got home that night I made a bunch of stuff because being creative and making things is a huge outlet for me. That night I made stickers and keychains that I sold at the next vendor show they had.

How She Started

She knew how to bring her ideas to life. With the uprising of small businesses, there's a plethora of advice to find on whatever niche you pursue. Artsy Seoul started off by selling stickers and small items on Etsy, and occasionally she still does, but it wasn’t until she attended a couple of K-pop event’s in San Antonio and Austin that she realized there was opportunity to grow a bigger community for herself! She loved the atmosphere of the events and being able to connect with people with similar interests all while being surrounded by vendors that, most likely than not, had a variety of cute merchandise! The first K-pop night she ever attended was also the first event she sold at! It all started by dropping a follow on the events instagram account! After booking her first event she met other business owners that advised her that this gig will open her up to many other opportunities. She now vendor’s for their events a couple times a month.

Biggest Advice

Artsy Seoul was born from passion. If you have an idea, but don't know how you want to execute it, don't worry, it's normal. Speak to people who are at a place you want to reach. Everyone's success is different, but the biggest setback is trying to get everything right from the beginning; the thing is you'll spend so much time trying to do that you might give up. So Artsy Seoul's advice is to just do it, "It’s always hard to start. You always want everything to be perfect and have everything in-line, but don't worry, just start and everything can fall into place eventually and it’ll be good. Just getting started is the most important thing!" the business might be slow, but putting yourself out there and making friends will lead to your own success.

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